Pythom Inc. Privacy statement

We like to inform you about what data we collect about you, and how we use it and not use it.


This privacy statement covers,, and any other site controlled by Pythom Inc.


When you create an account at you have to use a valid email address. That email address along with your name, username and password will be saved in our database. We will not share this information with third party. If you like you can create your own profile and content at Pythom Inc. we will save your information in our database.


If you have actively filled in a form to get email alerts on any of our sites you can stop those alerts by responding to the email with "REMOVE".

We will not share your information with third party unless you have signed up for email alerts through with an expedition. The company or person responsible for the expedition will then have access to your email as well.


At we place "cookies". Basically that's simple information that check who you are so you don't have to login every time you visit. If you are not a registered user we will only place a temporary cookie to redirect you within the site.


At Pythom we run Google Analytics (so we know how many visitors we have) and sometimes 3rd party ads such as Google Ads. Those ads are not controlled by Pythom.


Pythom is an HTTPS-secured server. We run daily backups. We do not share and or sell your data to other companies. conditions

You and Pythom

Pythom is a real-name network and only accepts true names of people or organizations.
Pythom will save your history but not share your data with 3rd party.
Pythom will not sell your personal information to 3rd party advertisers or vendors.

Post on Pythom

You are responsible for any media or text you post on Pythom. Respect copyright and link to source.

Buy on Pythom

Like Ebay or Amazon, Pythom is a network of many sellers.
Tax and shipping cost: Seller adds tax and shipping cost to the product.
International shipment: Buyer pays import duties or VAT.

Returns and Refunds

Product is damaged or different from the product ordered: Buyer must report without delay (within 48 hours).
It is recommended to not accept product with damaged packaging.
It is recommended to take pictures verifying the damage.

Used gear is sold as is (no return or warranty) unless otherwise stated.

Each individual seller specifies warranty, return policy and any restocking fee. If not specified the seller offers 12 months warranty from date of purchase, 30 days return policy and 10% restocking fee.

Return shipping cost: Buyer's responsibility unless otherwise specified.

Sell on Pythom

As a seller you are responsible for insuring the shipment. Insurance are normally cheap but make sure to factor it in your shipping cost.

Tax and shipping cost: Seller adds sales tax and shipping cost to the product.
Insurance: Seller insures shipment (generally low cost, factor it in your shipping cost).
Used gear (personal): generally no sales tax required. Check with a tax advisor if unsure.
International shipment: Buyer pays import duties or VAT.


Pythom will deduct a commission of 12% on sold goods. For amount above $1000 Pythom's commission is 7%. Credit Card cost as charged by Paypal or other money handler (normally between 2 and 4%) will be split equally between seller and Pythom Inc.

Seller will confirm shipping date after payment is received by Pythom Inc. Payment (minus commission) will be transferred to seller within 48 hours unless buyer has claimed damaged or wrong goods.

Pythom Inc. will reimburse seller by check, paypal or bank transfer. Seller is responsible for any transfer cost.


Please email Pythom with any questions.

Pythom is acting solely as an intermediator between the seller and the buyer and is not responsible for warranties, quality or other claims made by the seller.

This agreement, and any dispute, which arises from and out of this Web Site, shall be construed with the laws of the State of California. Any legal action regarding this agreement or the Site shall be brought only in either the State or Federal Courts located within the City of San Francisco, California and by using this site you consent to personal jurisdiction within these courts.

By logging on to you agree to the terms and conditions here stated.

Pythom Inc. can at any time change what is stipulated in this agreement. Such changes will be stated at and you will be notified by an email sent to you.

Team Pythom